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What is included in your Maintenance Plans?

We'll look after your site by ensuring that you are running all the latest features and security patches. We'll monitor your site for any downtime and work on ways to improve speed and usability for your customers. You will be able to use your site as normal, but without the worry of taking your site down, or allowing it to become outdated. Leave that to us!

What type of Website do you support?

We support all kinds of Website, from Hugo to Wordpress. Get in touch to see if your site is applicable with our services.

What is a Support Ticket? How does it work?

If there's something that has gone wrong with your website, hosting etc. You can raise a support ticket with our team. We will then be able to assist you with your issue. You are guaranteed to receive a response within the response time that matches your service plan.

What is Developer Support?

You'll have a developer assigned to your website, they will be able to provide any technical assistance and answer any questions about your site. You can even use our Developer Support service to discuss website scaling and hosting recommendations.

What if I need more than my allocated time for Developer Support?

If you need some extra time with your dedicated developer, you can hire them out at an hourly rate of your selected maintenance plan.

How does free hosting work?

If you choose the Popular or Premier Plan, we will host your website for free on one of our UK based servers. This takes the worry out of looking after your website. We have alerts set up so that we know immediately if something is wrong with your site and will probably fix it before anyone notices that it has gone down!

How do I sign up?

To sign up, just send us a message using the chat bubble down at the bottom right! We may need login details to your site to allow us to manage it. If all is good! you will then receive your first invoice for the month (or year, depending on your selected option).

How do I cancel?

If the maintenance plan isn't working out, then that's no problem! Your payments are rolling, so we can just cancel them. Let us know that you would like to cancel, if you have any feedback, we'd love to hear it!

No cancellation fees, no hidden costs, no judgement!

I have a question that isn't in the FAQ

No problem! You can use the chat window down at the bottom right to chat to us! Reply times may be varied, but we're UK based. Feel free to leave an email address and we'll get back to you via that if we're not online!

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